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An industry acronym referring to Installs, Moves, Additions or Changes. This “catch-all” term, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is better described within each category below.
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Smart Hands Service

Smart Hands service to data center management, making technical experts available to conduct any task other than direct break/fix activities.

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Data Center Relocations

Whether you need to relocate an entire data center around the world, or successfully move one server to the other end of your data center,

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EquIp. deCommIssIonIng

Assets can get old, but still hold residual value. There is no marketplace value at all. Regardless, when you have hardware to be decommissioned.

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EquIpment deployments

Deployments or installations, no matter what you call it, TIER9X has the infield technical expertise to lead your team through the successful deployment

Vision - Be the leading provider of service in the industry by providing the most compelling customer experience possible

About Tier9X

Since 2008, TIER9X have provided third-party hardware maintenance and support to enterprise IT departments and data center leadership. As an alternative to OEM support, TIER9X dramatically impacts OpEx (Operating Expense) budgets for post-warranty servers, storage systems and networking hardware. While TIER9X, a truly global support provider, is often discovered as a logical resource for cost reductions, most new clients turn into long-term partnerships – realizing the intrinsic value of the company’s flexibility, thoughtful support model and continued investments in infrastructure and personnel.
The promise to every client !

While marketplace trends in the adoption of hybrid infrastructure support models have grown, along with the increasing acceptance of third-party hardware maintenance, TIER9X holds steadfast in its commitment to demonstrable Service Quality. While many third-party maintainers are competing primarily on price, TIER9X deeply values the importance of your IT infrastructure and the mission critical function it provides to your business. TIER9X won’t compromise service quality, merely to reach the lowest price. Instead, transparency and collaboration are paramount to building trust first, then the long-term partnership. During consultation, when requirements only necessitate “bare-bones” service, TIER9X is happy to oblige with a detailed summary of service inclusions and exclusions, so that your service expectations are met

  • We absolutely do what we say

  • Accountability is essential to teams and to individuals

  • An inner drive to solve; a contagious vision for the future

  • Humble openness leads to better solutions and lasting relationships

Tier9X Mission : - To provide exemplary, prompt and effective support to our customers at an affordable price TIER9X provides enterprise IT hardware support and maintenance to a global client base. Supporting mission critical servers, storage and networking equipment, we’re known for inspired consultation and truly customized solutions. We hire carefully, seeking team members that are driven to provide expert solutions and unrelenting in their commitment to value. No other independent support provider matches our drive to precisely understand your unique standards for service quality, then enthusiastically aims to surpass them. At TIER9X, words are never as valued as results.