September 30, 2018


What sets Tier9X apart

From Your OEM?

• Costs will average 50-75% less.
• Tier9X has globally available, multi-vendor (multi-OEM) expertise
• No hidden agendas to drive an unnecessary tech refresh, only a hard-wired drive to serve and to solve

From Other Third-Party Maintainers?

• Steadfast in a commitment to service quality that exceeds expectations
• No hidden agendas, only full transparency throughout customized service requests
• Champions of service quality over lowest-price solutioning
• Unconditional consultation, rooted only in your business drivers and your success

Word Class unbeatable Service quality

• Technical Expertise & Depth
• Communications Tools & Information Accessibility
• Parts Sparing & Logistics

TIER9X views these three items as core to the very definition of Service Quality in hardware support. Even more, these three categories are most likely to be secretly compromised by the competition when lowest price objectives appear to outweigh other client preferences. Here is a shortened list of the very basic standards under each service quality characteristic, which TIER9X categorizes as vital to meeting the wisest of client standards:

Technical Expertise

•  Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with Level III or IV engineering skills
•  SMEs, with redundancy, for each OEM and platform
•  Accessible resumes for each SME
•  Cross-trained, multi-platform and local field support staff (with available resumes)
• Dedicated technical staff for onsite support, accessible resumes BEFORE contract acceptance
•  Digital repository (aka knowledge base) for SMEs to share technical tips/trends with one another and field staff

Communications tools & In Formation accessibility

• Online incident and asset tracking mechanism, that can be customized per client requirements
• Online mechanism that permits timely “adds/deletes” from a contract, simply
• Owned call center that centralizes communication for requests/incident tracking
• Robust call-home program for call-home capable hardware
• Disaster Recovery plan (with owned infrastructure) to protect all support communications and digital tools

Parts Sparing & Logistics

• Transparency, by request, into the parts sparing plan for each asset or asset grouping
• Documented “bare minimum” for each make/model with documented listing of FRU options
• Documentation that proves most critical back-up parts are kept well within the SLA, so that FEs can arrive onsite, with the part in hand.
• Documentation that all other commonly replaced parts are kept locally for same-day delivery – ideally within the agreed-upon SLA.