October 2, 2018


Tier9X professional services & IT field support



An industry acronym referring to Installs, Moves, Additions or Changes. This “catch-all” term, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is better described within each category below.

Smart Hands

TIER9X offers its Smart Hands service to data center management, making technical experts available to conduct any task other than direct break/fix activities. The Smart Hands service should not be compared to traditional T&M-related, break/fix-like support for hardware assets. Instead, it is best to think of Smart Hands as “on-demand” technical support for special projects.

Data Center re-locations and/or It equipment re-locations

Whether you need to relocate an entire data center around the world, or successfully move one server to the other end of your data center, TIER9X has the in-field technical expertise, logistics planning and project management expertise to support you.

Equipment decommissioning (or It asset disposition)

Assets can get old, but still hold residual value. In other instances, there is no marketplace value at all. Regardless, when you have hardware to be decommissioned, TIER9X can help. Whether your needs require DoD erasure through complete disposition, or asset valuation, erasure and resale support, TIER9X helps every step of the way – making it easy, without any compromise to security