October 2, 2018


Why Choose hybrid Infrastructure support gartner as a resource

If your company is a subscriber to Gartner, the following research documents provide an unbiased review of the value to OpEx reductions. Additionally, an analyst inquiry discussion with Gartner’s hybrid support expert, Christine Tenneson, will be extremely helpful.

“Third-party maintenance (TPM) as a hybrid strategy to support server, storage and networking equipment continues to gain adoption. Some OEMs’ pricing methodologies demand significant increases in maintenance charges as equipment ages, which drives customers to consider cost optimization through the use of TPM. Seventy-one percent of Fortune 100 customers used a third-party maintainer as a form of support in their environment in 2016.”

Christine Tenneson, Gartner [Doc. ID G00327730]

“Third-party maintenance (TPM) can be an option for customers planning to replace systems in the near term to midterm (less than five years) or looking to continue to maintain a legacy system.”

Christine Tenneson, Gartner [Doc. ID G00326264]

“A hybrid maintenance strategy — using OEM-authorized and OEM-independent maintenance — is becoming more common in the hardware support market, with a thriving ecosystem of independent support providers for server, storage and networking equipment. End-user customers are selectively using TPM services to cost-effectively extend the life of IT assets, control OEM-forced upgrades and save money.”

Multiple Analysts, Gartner [Doc. ID G00317887]