October 2, 2018


Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Advantages


As Independent hardware support providers, TPMs offer a liberating support model:

• TPMs are hard-wired to perform well and save money, no hidden agendas
• Significant cost savings, between 40%-60% or more
• Appreciated for “prompt response,” “flexibility (as noted in IDC survey summary report from May 2015)”
• Access to a dedicated local Technical Account Manager with local area language skills
• A globally-available 24x7x365, single-point-of-contact
• No bureaucratic “run-around” and greater flexibility to facilitate changes to asset listings and SLA coverage

TPMs are service-focused; “Your request is our Service:”

• No pressure to refresh due to OEM determined End of Life designation
• Multi-vendor support which provides contract consolidation that simplifies renewals, and provides greater visibility of all assets. This can be for In-warranty, post-warranty & EoSL - all on one contract.
• “Fix First, Ask Questions Later” and often, “No Outage” policies
• Additional services offered: IMAC, Smart Hands, Installation, Decommissioning and tape